Introducing Silver Screens & Politics

Introducing Silver Screens & Politics

In this new Tilting Windmill Studios production, Brett Stewart and Dominic Cichocki delve into the long-standing relationship between the political and cinema worlds. Exploring a new politically-inspired film in each episode, the duo determines whether or not the film is historically accurate, and more importantly, whether or not it’s any good! (It’s usually not.)

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Season 1 Films: ‘W‘ | ‘Death of a President‘ | ‘The Wind and the Lion‘ | ‘Wilson’ | ‘The Bystander Theory’ | ‘Virtual JFK’ | ‘Dave’ | ‘Truman’ | ‘Nixon’ | ‘Broken Promises: The United Nations at 60’

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Email the show! We want to hear from you. SilverScreens (AT)

Show theme, ‘In Your Arms,’ courtesy of Kevin MacLeod under Creative Commons 3.0 licensing.


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