We begin round 4 of our go-rounds with a New to Two pick from Nicole, “The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek.” This 1944 Preston Sturges classic was incredibly suggestive for its time, using a lot of coded language to refer to sex and pregnancy, both forbidden to speak of by the pre-MPAA Hays Code.

Daffy but pleasant Trudy Kockenlocker goes to a farewell party for American servicemen, imbibes a lot of spiked “lemonade,” and discovers the next morning that she is married; the biggest problem is that she can’t remember the groom’s name. The second-biggest problem is that it turns out she’s expecting. What did David and Brett think of our oldest (and possibly funniest) movie so far? How many euphemisms can be squeezed into one film? And how can Trudy find a way out of her situation without a lifelong scandal? It would take a miracle…

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