In the fifth episode of Silver Screens & Politics, Brett Stewart and Dominic Cichocki delve deep into ‘The Bystander Theory,’ a 2013 film that attempts to explore theories on the JFK assassination. A film that’s nearly impossible to find, we stumbled upon it in a video store, much to our future dismay. ‘The Bystander Theory’ is the perfect mix of sub-par acting, horrible script writing, and poor cinematography. Frankly, don’t try to go find the film. Watch literally anything else instead. This episode, though, is a hilarious one very much worth tuning into. Next week, we’ll be watching ‘Virtual JFK’ in our double-feature John F. Kennedy section of season one! Be sure to follow along; that movie should be notably easier to find.

Usually, we’d tell you where to find this film, but we can’t even find it. Search the dumpster behind your local video store.

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