Hello, all! With February fast approaching, A Gaming Life Pt. 2 is coming up on its second anniversary at Tilting Windmill Studios. If you’ve taken even a second to read my work, leave a comment, or share it in any way, thank you. Your support is greatly appreciated and helps more than you know.

2019 was an interesting year for me. On the positive end, I got to interview Javy Gwaltney about his game Distress, and branched out to write about my love of Neon Genesis Evangelion. On the negative end, some gambles I took didn’t pay off. A number of games I planned to review throughout the year kept getting shuffled around until the last minute. I don’t mind reviewing games several months after release, but I need to learn to not let my projects dangle over my head like that. It’s not fair to myself; I need to learn to breathe and let some things go.

I have a couple reviews on the docket right now, but my goal is to pace them out better so it’s not so stressful. One is a lengthy RPG that I imagine will still take me a couple weeks to get through. The other is an indie game that I hoped to finish by this week, but an unavoidable crash bug has made that impossible until it gets patched. Once these reviews are done, I’m not actually certain when the next one will be. I plan on playing a few other new releases in February and March, but none of them lend themselves very well to the traditional review formula I’ve crafted. I’ll most likely be covering them in different ways.

Why would I include a picture of Etrian Odyssey Nexus? Good question.

Nothing’s set in stone yet, but these “different ways” could take the form of some op-ed style pieces and player diaries. My goal overall is to develop more in-depth coverage, so some of these diaries might last weeks or months, depending on how long I want to play the game. Some of these games can’t really be “finished,” which means it’s up to me to decide when to stop. 2020 release dates right now feel pretty shaky; there’s no real telling what lays ahead for April and beyond. This should give me some flexibility in my schedule so that, should a game I want to review pops up, I can pivot to that for a while before returning to other projects.

Another goal this year is to further develop my editing skills. When I began this blog, I pretty much wrote about whatever I wanted, so long as it amounted to at least one post a week. I want to keep the spirit and consistency behind those ideals, but I also want to be sure that what I’m publishing is the absolute best it can be. After rereading some pieces from 2018 now that I have some distance from them, it makes me realize how much the quality of my writing is more important than the quantity.

All of this is to say that I have some ideas about the future, but no concrete roadmap right now.  This is partially out of necessity – it reminds me to stay flexible and relevant, and also reflects that this is still a hobby for me. I don’t make any money off what I write here. So, if it comes to a point where I need to step back from this blog and focus on other aspects on my life, I want to do that as cleanly as possible. The same goes for if I end up getting a full-time writing gig somewhere else. This is all hypothetical right now, but I’m just saying: fair warning.

Once again, if you took the time to read this or any other post I’ve made on this blog: thank you. A Gaming Life Pt. 2 wouldn’t exist without you. In a time when much of the games press is going through upheaval with major layoffs, labor issues, and more, being able to write here feels like a sweet release.

Ten Games to Look For in February 2020 should be going up next week – stay tuned for that!

Thanks again,

-Dominic Cichocki

From Neon Genesis Evangelion on the Nintendo 64

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