Today, we wanted to drop an update in the feed as to where the show has been and what you can expect from it in the future and over the next month. (Spoiler: Movie-Ghoul-Round will be back!) Here's a transcription of the update: Hello, everyone – Brett Stewart here. I wanted to drop an announcement in the feed to give everyone an update on what to expect over the next month from Movie-Go-Round. Firstly: It’s been a tough year! The pandemic, stay-at-home orders, devastating wildfires, massive protests – riots – 2020’s been a real peach. For me, the pandemic hit like a ton of bricks and I had more work than ever before. That’s why I took a break from producing Movie-Go-Round to step back and regroup. I’m really excited to let you all know that we’re now back and, at least I think, better than ever! Starting later today, you’ll be getting a huge influx of episodes in your feed. Think of it as a, “End of Summer, Beginning of Fall, Movie-Go-Round Marathon Special That Also Not-So-Secretly Doubles as a Way for Us to Release our Lengthy Backlog in Time for Movie-Ghoul-Round in the Final Weeks of October.” Very catchy. You’ll notice some significant differences this time around. The editing style on the episodes is very different and leans more into the production end of things. I think folks will really enjoy that. On October 1, we’ll be wrapping all the episodes into the launch of a brand-new website that includes loads of new content, particularly video and live streaming. It’s a really pretty site, better than ever before, and well-worthy of a distinguished spot amongst your bookmarks. Lastly, I do also want to apologize: This year got so hectic that as the producer, I dropped the ball on keeping the audience abreast of why we were MIA. Stepping back was a healthy change for the show: the new editing style is terrific and we were over-burdened by a hefty backlog. It’s my goal as a producer to avoid developing such a backlog again. Because, bear in mind, we want to be current come the third annual Movie-Ghoul-Round later next month! Your patience during this time has been so appreciated. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, and we look forward to having you torture us for many more You Did This to Us movies. Be on the lookout for the first episode of the revamped Movie-Go-Round in your feed later today. Connect with your hosts! Brett Stewart | Nicole Davis | David Luzader Want to easily find links to everything we talk about at the end of the program? Head on over to Remember, you can vote on You Did This to Us polls every 5 weeks if you're following us on social media. Email the show at

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