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32: Lucky Them

This round’s “Netflix Roulette” reminds us that this theme provides more just-missed-it movies than big hits or entertaining dreck. An indie rock journalist (played by a slumming-it Toni Collette) is tasked with finding her ex, an elusive musician who released…

Movie-Go-Round, Podcasts

31: Jackie Brown

Our new rounds always begin with “New to Two,” and this week Nicole introduced Brett and David to Quentin Tarantino’s third feature film, “Jackie Brown.” Featuring some of Tarantino’s signature elements (clever dialogue, loving shots of a woman’s feet, killer…

Movie-Go-Round, Podcasts

29: RAW

Hoo, boy. This movie. For this week’s “Around the World,” Nicole chose the French-Belgian horror and coming-of-age film, “Raw” (“Grave” in the original French). David knew to brace himself, but poor Brett had no idea what he was in for….

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