Movie-Go-Round, Podcasts

3: Logan

For our first Future Classics week, Brett nominated 2017’s “Logan.” The year is 2029, and an aging Logan is trying to leave Wolverine behind as he makes money as a limo driver to support himself, Caliban, and an ancient Professor…

Movie-Go-Round, Podcasts

2: Sharknado

Our second week’s theme: Netflix Roulette! Each host used a randomizer to choose a movie from Netflix and we decided among the choices offered. This week’s “film” was a SyFy movie. About a tornado. Filled with sharks. Guest Claire Child…

Movie-Go-Round, Podcasts

1: Frailty

In our New to Two weeks, one of our hosts picks a film that neither of the others has seen. For our inaugural episode, Nicole chose the Southern Gothic thriller, Frailty. This haunting serial-killer origin story is full of unexpected…

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