Brett David Stewart
Producer & Host
Brett David Stewart is the host and producer of Movie-Go-Round, Silver Screens & Politics, and the upcoming Couple's Playlist podcasts.
Brett David Stewart is a journalist, podcaster, and musician who lives in Chicago, Illinois. From investigative journalism to creative writing and critical review of the arts, Stewart's portfolio as a professional writer and reporter is ever-growing in eclectic directions. He now reports for BuiltWorlds, a publication in Chicago, as their lead journalist.He's an avid Bob Dylan fan and a true believer that 'Warcraft,' the 2016 motion picture, is a good movie.
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Claire Child
Claire Child is a host on the upcoming Couple's Playlist podcast. She is also heading an upcoming beauty and self-health blog, Of Beauty & Spirit.
Claire Child is an educator who is passionate about volunteer work and raising awareness of mental health. Her blog, Of Beauty & Spirit, is designed to incorporate discussions of mental health while exploring various aspects of beauty and self-love. Claire adores working at a local homeless shelter, embarking on Habitat for Humanity trips all around the world, and stocking up on sour gummy worms.
About Claire
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Dominic Cichocki
Host & Writer

Dominic Cichocki is a host and show-planner on Silver Screens & Politics. He also writes A Gaming Life, Pt. 2, an ongoing exploration of video games in a personal context.

Dominic Cichocki is a recent graduate of Columbia College Chicago. Currently, he strives to balance his creative endeavors with his podcasting and media hobbies, all the while surviving his first real retail job. Movies are one of his passions, and as such, has become the show planner for Silver Screens and Politics. He has a dog named Zoey, however, she loves Dominic's dad more than she does him. It's nothing personal.
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Nicole Davis
Host & Writer
Nicole Davis is a host on Movie-Go-Round, and like her co-hosts, comes from the long-standing Geek Cinema Society program.
Nicole Davis is a podcaster, proofreader, single mother of two teenage boys, and owner of a cat officially named Jane Austen but unofficially referred to as "goof bucket." She has been a movie hound for many years, and is completely jazzed to get to discuss the joys of cinema in depth every week with her co-hosts.Favorite movie: It's a Wonderful Life | Least favorite movie: Mortal Kombat | Guilty pleasure movie: Jupiter Ascending
About Nicole
David Luzader
David Luzader is a host on Movie-Go-Round, and like his co-hosts, comes from the long-standing Geek Cinema Society program.
David Luzader is a podcaster and writer. From an early age in Phoenix, Arizona, he was drawn to storytelling in all of its forms, which would lead to a deep love of books, movies, comics, and TV. Now, he gets to express that love by talking about stories in comics on the Heck Yeah Comics! Podcast, as well as movies on the shows Movie-Go-Round (formerly Geek Cinema Society) and Brokebot Mountain. Currently in Charlottsville, VA, David hopes to continue growing his podcasting career and eventually be the one whose stories people are talking about.
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