Welcome to what is technically Day 2 of E3 2019. I’m back with more recorded impressions of the press conferences that happened today for Ubisoft and Square Enix, while also briefly touching on Devolver Digital’s shenanigans, the PC Gaming Conference, and EA’s weird press conference/livestream mix on Saturday. After taking the time to edit myself talking, it’s really hitting me how weird my voice is, so enjoy that! I’ll be back tomorrow with some more impressions – this time covering Nintendo, and any other cool news I have overlooked so far. You can find my recap of Day 1 here.

My favorite highlights:


No matter what Ubisoft says, Watch Dogs: Legion is an inherently political game.
Ubisoft’s new Roller Champions looks a lot like that Motorball game from Alita: Battle Angel.
Their other new game, Gods and Monsters, is reminiscent of Kid Icarus and Breath of the Wild.
Jon Berenthal’s pit bull, Bam Bam, steals the show as adorably as possible.
Also, Rob McElhenney apparently collaborated with Ubisoft on a new game-centric TV show.

Square Enix:

One of the best Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy VIII, is coming to modern consoles!
The first part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake releases March 3, 2020 and has an interesting battle system.
Romancing SaGa 3 and SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions are both coming to the West on various platforms.
Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers gets a release date.
The Last Remnant is available for Switch right about now.

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