To kick off a new year of content for A Gaming Life Pt. 2, it is my pleasure to pull back the curtain on a project I’ve been working on for a while – an interview with author, director, and game developer Jörg Tittel. For nearly an hour, our conversation heads to a number of surprising and interesting places, from his work producing West End plays, to his history with the cult horror game Illbleed, to his role in making the Alone in the Dark movie. For all of the stories contained within and the fun we had while recording, I am extremely thankful for Jörg’s time.

I should note that this is my first time recording content on this scale, and my first time really editing audio. Though I received some help along the way, there are still likely to be some audio imperfections. Having said that, though the content of the interview overpowers those minor annoyances. Lastly, since we didn’t properly do it in the interview, I’m including synopses of Ricky Rouse Has a Gun, the graphic novel Jörg wrote, and The White King, the film he directed with his wife Alex Helfrecht, here:

Ricky Rouse Has a Gun: Written by Jörg Tittel, illustrated by John Aggs. Richard Rouse, a deserter of the US Army, finds himself in Shanghai, China working at the Fengxian Amusement Park – a ripoff of Disneyland – as the star attraction, Ricky Rouse. When terrorists take over the park and his estranged family is among the hostages, it’s up to Richard to head up the resistance and take the park back – all while dressed as the titular Rouse.

The White KingA film directed by Jörg Tittel and Alex Helfrecht from their screenplay adapted from The White King by György Dragomán. After his father is taken away, Djata must grow up in a futuristic regime where his family members are labeled traitors, and the government is poisoning the minds of everyone around him. While he hopes to see his father alive again, he first has to deal with the tribulations of his increasingly desperate mother, his high-ranking grandparents, and friends and enemies alike who cause him trouble.

(Explicit language warning)

00:00: Introductions
02:01: Working in Different Mediums
03:40: The Similarities Between Video Games and Theatre
07:20: Memories of Late 90’s Game Journalism (Chu Chu Rocket commercial)
11:22: Panzer Dragoon, Fear Effect: Sedna, and Remaining Open-Minded
13:25: Review Culture
16:34: Working on Illbleed
22:18: Becoming a Freelance Game Journalist

26:01: Minority Report and Being a Rebel at Activision/Treyarch (Creation documentary link)
30:08: Ambitious Hollywood Dreams
33:39: Talking Testudo and Uwe Boll’s Alone in the Dark
42:05: Ricky Rouse Has a Gun
45:11: The White King
47:44: Several Unannounced Projects

49:41: Great Switch Indies
50:45: Thoughts on the Recent Wolfenstein Games
52:14: Making People Feel Good and Empowered
53:02: Wrapping Up

Jörg Tittel with Illbleed creator Shinya Nishigaki in 2000. (Photo provided by Jörg Tittel)

This interview has been edited for length. Small correction: Steven Spielberg is credited as a designer for games like Boom Blox and Medal of Honor. He did not direct them, as I said. Special thanks goes to Danny Clayton for his help in mastering the audio. You can find Danny’s Instagram here. You can catch up on Jörg’s recent work on his Instagram and at As always, you can always contact me via my Twitter, or by emailing me at dcichocki(at) Thank you for listening!