This (in)famous 1970s TV movie featured a young John Travolta as Tod, a teenager with immune deficiencies that forced him to live in plastic tents and positive-pressure rooms all his life, until he met this girl… Loosely based on a true story, this movie took a few liberties with science that are a little hard to swallow. For our next round of “You Did This to Us,” David, Brett, Nicole, and guest Dominic Cichocki dug into this bit of melodramatic cheese, taking a hard look at Robert “Mr. Brady” Reed’s acting style, the overdone music, and wondering why Tod would fall for this girl, who is mildly pretty, but also horrible. Also, what is Buzz Aldrin doing here?

Next episode, Movie-Go-Round rolls on back to the beginning! It’s time for the third rotation! We’ll be watching the third New to Two film, “The Midnight Meat Train.”

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