In a Hollyworld of sequels and book adaptations and remakes, truly original ideas are rare. For our “Future Classics” choice this round, David nominated an original movie about the power of ideas, 2010’s “Inception.”

Will the intellectual vibe, practical effects, and now-a-meme soundtrack stand the test of time? Did they deliberately make Leonardo DiCaprio look like Christopher Nolan? Why, in this movie that includes the dreams of at least four different people, does no one ever dream about any animals? And lastly, why does everyone have so much trouble pronouncing Cillian Murphy’s first name? Join David, Brett, and Nicole as they dive into these questions and more in episode 13 of Movie-Go-Round!

Join us next week on Movie-Go-Round for Around The World! The pick? The 2014 Bollywood film “Bang Bang.” See you then!

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