It’s Future Classics week, and Nicole brought 2011’s “Drive” in for evaluation. The story is straightforward: Ryan Gosling’s “Driver” works as a mechanic and stuntman by day, and getaway driver by night; his life starts to get complicated when he falls for the pretty young mother in his apartment building. All of us agree on the visual merits of the movie, but do Brett and David share Nicole’s opinion of the content? Is there any substance underneath all the style? Why does Driver do what he does? Is there a purpose to the brutality of the violence in the film? Most importantly, where do we get one of those boss scorpion jackets?

Next week we keep the rotation moving with an Around the World week. Brett’s pick for an international, non-American film? The 1964 British indie film, “A Hard Day’s Night.” Yes, the one with The Beatles.

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