We’re back! So sorry for the delay the last two weeks. We’ll stick around regularly here on out. Enjoy a marathon of three make-up / “sorry we’re so late” episodes, beginning with this show! We so appreciate all of our listeners’ support; we hope you enjoy this marathon before a return to Monday afternoon releases.

We went Around the World again for this episode, stopping just the other side of “the pond” for the fictionalized day in the life of the Beatles, “A Hard Day’s Night.” Join Brett, David, and Nicole as they learn that sometimes a studio’s cynical cash grab can yield surprising results. We ask smart questions such as, How did this movie manage to be any good? Who’s this guy playing Paul’s grandfather? How did George know the age of social media trendsetters was coming? What is that funky pub game Ringo is playing? (“Devil Among the Tailors.” You’re welcome!) And finally, why did anyone bother going to Beatles concerts if the screaming audience always drowned out the band?

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