Hoo, boy. This movie. For this week’s “Around the World,” Nicole chose the French-Belgian horror and coming-of-age film, “Raw” (“Grave” in the original French). David knew to brace himself, but poor Brett had no idea what he was in for. Young Justine arrives at veterinary college, where her sister Alexia is already a student. Alexia encourages Justine to awaken one of her appetites during a hazing ritual, and all the rest, unfortunately, follow suit. We tried not to bite off more than we could chew by keeping the discussion to such questions as, Why is the faculty so blasé about the hazing? What is it about college that makes people change? Is this the way normal siblings act? And is the freakiest part of this movie the horse, the hair, the highway, or the Brazilian wax?

Next week is Paul Blart: Mall Cop! You did it to us! … Why?

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