You Did This to Us. Again. You were super nice last time and we got complacent. Our hubris cost us, big-time. The needle swung way back to the other side on the quality indicator and we ended up watching The Emoji Movie. 🤮 Our guest, Bandrew Scott of the Bandrew Says podcast and YouTube channel Podcastage, was game AF and even played devil’s advocate in favor of the movie, and in the end… well, you’ll have to listen to find out! We debated this movie’s lack of logic, the futility of the director trying to make it this generation’s Toy Story, and why on this green Earth emojis would have parents. Or butts.

Next week’s episode returns us to the beginning of a new Movie-Go-Round cycle! That means it’s time for a new New to Two. Brett’s pick this time? ‘I’m Not There,’ a Bob Dylan-themed biopic starring half a dozen Bob Dylans. Yeah, it’s as bizarre as it sounds. Tune in then!

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Connect with our guest! Bandrew Scott