To start our ninth go-round, Brett brought in a film that was New to Two (Nicole and David). His choice was an unconventional biopic by a filmmaker who began his career with a biopic of Karen Carpenter enacted with Barbie dolls. While Todd Haynes used actual humans in his portrait of Bob Dylan, he felt the need to use six of them in I’m Not There, to show the stark differences among the facets of the performer. How well was the music used in this movie? Did David and Nicole have a favorite “Dylan”? Should Christian Bale ever be allowed to have a perm again? (No.) Join us this episode for the discussion of these points and many more!

Next week’s episode is a Netflix Roulette pick! The Netflix gods provided us with the Nic Cage film ‘Pay the Ghost.’ This episode will be the first of three Movie-Ghoul-Round haunted episodes in October! So spooky!

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