You could call this Netflix Roulette horror movie by its name, Pay the Ghost, but you might as well call it “Pay Nic Cage’s Bills.” This tale of a vengeful ghost features missing children, CG vultures only a few steps up from Birdemic, at least three exposition dumps, and a sleepwalking Cage. Join Brett, David, Nicole, and guest Greg Tilton of Rumor Files and Jack of Trades as we discuss this movie and speculate if it was written by an artificial intelligence, a horror film cliché generator, or a pack of wild Celtic reconstructionalists.

Here’s the link to Winning the Lottery with Nic Cage.

Next week’s episode is a Future Classic pick! David picked 2012’s ‘The Cabin in the Woods.’ Join us for the second week of Movie-Ghoul-Round! Still spooky! Oh, so spooky!

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