For our fifth and final theme, completing the first rotation of our little Movie-Go-Round, we have our audience pick. We hadn’t yet settled on “You Did This to Us” as the name of the theme, but after the first two picks we’ve seen, it seems like it’s heading in that direction… Anyhow, “Dunston Checks In” is a 1930s screwball comedy taking place in the 1980s – a tale of two brothers living in a fancy hotel with their single-dad hotel manager. Enter an amoral jewel thief who uses a trained orangutan (not a MONKEY, Brett!) as his larcenous proxy, and the hijinks really get underway. It’s terrible.

Join Nicole, David, and Brett as we discuss things like: How did they make Rupert Everett ugly? Where is hotel security? And who is this audience for this disaster?

Next episode, Movie-Go-Round will go back to the beginning of its rotation, exploring another “New to Two” film, “Burn After Reading.” See you next Saturday!

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