First and foremost: our apologies for the delay in this episode release! You may notice a change in audio quality after the introductions. This is because Brett’s rig crashed and died during this recording, and David picked up his slack and was able to provide a backup! (Thanks, David!) Hence, it took quite a bit of editing work to piece together what we had worked on for this episode. To make up for it, you’ll get the next show tomorrow, too! Now: The Dark Knight.

In this Movie-Go-Round Future Classics, the team was offered the last opportunity to choose a movie from 2008. It was Nicole’s pick, but really, there was only one choice: The Dark Knight. Nicole, David, and Brett got so excited they went a little over the standard episode length and could’ve gone at least another hour. We talked about the influences on the movie, the influence the movie has had, the practical stunts, some actual criticisms of the film, the fateful casting of Heath Ledger and his step into legend, and a lot more.

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Next week’s film – which we will release tomorrow instead – is an international Around the World pick. Brett’s pick is the Bollywood flick Phas Gaye Re Obama. (As of this release, it’s available to rent on Amazon Instant Video.)