On this Movie-Go-Round Netflix Roulette, the trio continue the 2019 Movie-GHOUL-Round marathon with Errementari, a Netflix film based on Basque folklore in Spain. A reclusive blacksmith makes a pact with a demon from hell before caging him to avoid holding up his end of the bargain. Is this a spooky tale worthy of your Halloween viewing slate, or does it fall short of being memorable? Also, what on earth does “get into the pumpkin and out of the square” mean? David, Nicole, and Brett dive into this bizarre film to try to find out. Remember: Movie-GHOUL-Round concludes with two episodes on Halloween!



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Have thoughts on Errementari? Email the show at hi@mgrpodcast.com. Tomorrow morning is the fourth entry in the Movie-Ghoul-Round marathon, and it’s a Future Classics pick from David: The Invitation.