Why did we cover 2008’s “Ip Man” for our second Around the World movie? Because Donnie Yen is THE Man, not just Ip Man. Known in the West primarily as Bruce Lee’s teacher, Ip Man had a fascinating life story that Donnie Yen portrays with a Zen-like calm and a smoldering strength. This movie covers the period of the Japanese occupation of Man’s city of Foshan, China, and a cinematically exaggerated fight he had with a Japanese general.

Join David, Brett, and Nicole as they dig into this film that includes constant breaking of precious household objects, food lust for a potato, and a ten-on-one fight with gnarly foley work that really makes you hear those limbs cracking.

Next episode, Movie-Go-Round continues its second thematic round, rounding this rotation out with a You Did This to Us. Your pick? “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.” Go watch the film if you haven’t! See you next Saturday!

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