Hosted by Brett Stewart, Nicole Davis, and David Luzader, Movie-Go-Round is a film discussion podcast uniquely designed around a rotating 5 week schedule. Sometimes joined by special guests, the three hosts explore a bevy of films during each of the following weeks: New to Two, Netflix Roulette, Future Classics, Around the World, and You Did This to Us.

Thus, unlike most film podcasts, Movie-Go-Round is constantly maneuvering its way through a remarkable array of genres and cultures. From the occasional abominations to the diamonds in the rough, Movie-Go-Round goes where cinema podcasts dared not go before! (The first You Did This to Us was Dunston Checks In, after all. Thanks for that.)


67: I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore
66: The Informant!
65: Sucker Punch
64: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
63: Crimson Peak
62: Zoom
61: The Trouble With Harry
60: Reign of Fire
59: Train to Busan
58: Looper
Bonus: Everything’s on Fyre! (With Rumor Flies)
57: Phantom of the Theatre
56: Everything Is Illuminated
55: Con Air
54: Phas Gaye Re Obama
53: The Dark Knight
52: The Polka King
51: The Magnificent Seven
50: The Bodyguard
49: Pan’s Labyrinth
48: Attack the Block
47: Avatar
46: Out of Sight
45: Starship Troopers
44: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (+ Suspiria)
43: The Cabin in the Woods
42: Pay the Ghost
41: I’m Not There
40: The Emoji Movie
39: El Mariachi
38: WALL-E
37: Memoir of a Murderer
36: Ingrid Goes West
35: What We Do in the Shadows
34: The Raid
33: Skyfall
32: Lucky Them
31: Jackie Brown
30: Paul Blart: Mall Cop
29: RAW
28: The Grand Budapest Hotel
27: The Gift
26: Gran Torino
25: Jupiter Ascending
24: A Hard Day’s Night
23: Drive
22: Clown
21: Power Rangers
20: Gremlins 2
19: Fences

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