E3, The Electronic Entertainment Expo, has long been a premiere moment in the video game calendar. It, along with other conventions, like Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show, are somewhat unique to the video game world. They’re about fan interaction, yes, and consumers can try games before they come out while potentially meeting some legendary game creators. But, more importantly some may say, they are about the press conferences.

The press conferences at E3 have usually been the centerpiece because it’s where all the surprises happen. Games get announced, usually to earth-shattering applause, and the shows various companies put together become better and better on the whole, each passing year. Or, they’re abject failures. It depends on the year.

These days, E3 is more than just a week – as more companies get involved with their own press conferences, and more and more studios announce and talk about upcoming games in the lead up to the show, it can feel like two weeks, maybe even more, where E3 is this nebulous idea, and the excuse for any and all news about video games announced during this time. Whether people want that news to get out or not.

This year, I’m attempting to compile all of the announcements in one easy to find location. This post – likely the longest of them all – basically covers everything that’s happened before the traditional start of E3, which is tomorrow. But now that Microsoft, Bethesda Studios, and Devolver Digital all had press conferences today, Electronic Arts had one yesterday, and companies galore have been announcing things over the past week, all bets are off. Things can get overwhelming. Cool news can get buried by even greater news.

Well, not here (hopefully). All of the news is listed alphabetically by game title below. This will be updated as time goes on, so don’t look away – except, I guess, for when I post the results of tomorrow’s press conferences. You can look away then.

Ark: Survival Evolved Coming to Mobile on June 14
Anthem Coming to PC/PS4/Xbone February 22, 2019
Azur Lane, a Shoot ‘Em Up Mobile Game, Will Get an English Release This Year
Battletoads, a Resurrection of an Old Franchise, Coming in 2019
Beat Saber, Early Access VR Game, Coming to Playstation VR
Black Desert Online, a Korean MMO, Coming to Xbox as a Beta This Fall
Code Vein Gets a Trailer, Coming to Everything But Switch on September 28
Command & Conquer Rivals Announced For Mobile, Android Users Can Pre-Register Now
Crackdown 3 Gets a Trailer, and a February 2019 Release Date
Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC Announced for 2019
Cyberpunk 2077, From the Makers of The Witcher, Gets a New Trailer
Days Gone Confirmed For a February 22, 2019 Release
de Blob Port Coming to Switch June 26, Already Out on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Wii
Dead or Alive 6 Announced, Coming Early 2019 for PC/PS4/Xbone

Devil May Cry 5 Announced, Coming Spring 2019 for PC/PS4/Xbone
The Division 2 Glimpsed at Xbox Press Conference, Coming March 15 2019
Doom Eternal, Sequel to Doom 2016, Announced
Dying Light 2 Comes to Life With Announcement for PC/PS4/Xbone
The Elder Scrolls Blades Coming to Just About Everything This Fall, Even Mobile and VR
The Elder Scrolls: Legends F2P TCG Coming to Consoles, Including Switch, This Year
The Elder Scrolls Online Gets Two New Expansions Later This Year, Wolfhunter and Murkmire
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Very Special Edition for Amazon Alexa Is Here And Apparently Real
The Elder Scrolls VI is Now a Thing – And That’s All For Now
Fallout 76 Confirmed as Online RPG With Survival Elements and Beta, Coming November 14
Fallout Shelter Now on PS4 and Switch – FREE AND RIGHT NOW
Fear the Wolves, a Battle Royale Game Set in Chernobyl, Releases on PC This Summer
Forza Horizon 4 Coming, With Hovercrafts, on October 2
Freedom Planet Porting to Switch This Fall, Courtesy of XSeed Games
Gears of War 5 Announced, Coming 2019
Gears Pop! [based on Gears of War and Funko figures] Announced for Mobile
Gears Tactics, a Gears of War Strategy Game, Announced for PC
Generation Zero, Avalanche Studio’s New Co-op Shooter, is Announced
Ghost Giant, From Zoink Games, Announced for Playstation VR
Grip, a Racing Game, Zooms onto Playstation 4 This Fall, Already on PC since 2016
Halo Infinite, the Next Title in the Series, Unveiled
Hitman 2 Announced For PC/PS4/Xbone, Coming November 13
Ikaruga, Recently Released on Switch, Also Coming to PS4
Indivisible, Coming The First Half of 2019, Gets New E3 Trailer, Coming to All Consoles and PC

Jump Force, an Anime Fighter Featuring DBZ, Death Note, Naruto, and More, is Announced
Just Cause 4 Officially Unveiled, Coming Dec. 4
Kingdom Hearts III Confirmed for January 29, 2019 Release Date on PS4 and Xbox One
Life is Strange: The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Coming June 26 for free

Metal Wolf Chaos XD, FromSoftware’s Cult Japanese Exclusive, Comes to Consoles and PC This Year
Metro Exodus Will See the Light on February 22, 2019
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Gets New Trailer Before PS4/Switch Summer Release
My Friend Pedro, Coming to PC and Switch, Pops Up in Early 2019
New Gundam Breaker Delayed On PC, PS4 Version Still Hitting June 22
Nier: Automata – Become As Gods Edition Coming to Xbox One on June 26
Ori and the Will of the Wisps Gets a New Trailer, Coming in 2019
Paladins, the F2P FPS Multiplayer Shooter, Coming to Switch on June 12

Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight Coming Early 2019 to PS4 and Vita
Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight Also Coming Early 2019 to PS4 and Vita

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Will Once Again Get Free Updates
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One Gets New Content Throughout 2018
Prey: Mooncrash DLC Announced, Releasing Starting Today, Features Roguelike Elements
Quake: Champions Offer Free Trial for A Limited Time, Still Coming Out Later in 2018
Rage 2 Gets a Gameplay Trailer, Coming Spring 2019
Sea of Solitude Announced Via Electronic Arts, Coming Early 2019

Sea of Thieves Has At Least Two More Expansions in 2018: Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, By FromSoftware, Unveiled
Sessions, a Kickstarter Skateboarding Game, Gets Some Time on the Xbox Stage
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Gets a Trailer for Xbox Press Conference, Coming September 14
Star Wars: Battlefront II Gets Clone Wars-Era Content This Year
Stormland, an Oculus Rift Exclusive by Insomniac Games, Coming in 2019
Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, New Game From Titanfall Devs, Has Title, Coming Holiday 2019
Starfield, Announced by Bethesda And That’s It So Far
Super Bomberman R Gets Console and PC Exclusive Characters and Voice Actors
Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Coming This Winter for PC/PS4/Switch/Xbone

Tetris Effect, a PSVR Game by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Coming Fall 2018
Total War: Three Kingdoms Batted Back to Spring 2019
Tunic, Announced Last Year for Xbox One and PC, Gets a New Trailer
Twin Mirror, From Life is Strange Devs, Announced for 2019 for PC/PS4/Xbox One
The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 1 Hits August 14 On PC/PS4/Xbone
Warriors Orochi 4 Has a Japanese Release Date: September 27
We Happy Few Gets an August 10 Release Date; Developers Acquired by Microsoft
Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot VR Title Announced Alongside Prey VR Mode, Typhon Hunter
Wolfenstein: Youngblood Announced, Set in 1980’s Paris


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