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93: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

On this Movie-Go-Round, Brett’s latest nominee for the Future Classics category is also the latest in the epic Star Wars franchise… for a few more weeks, anyway. Audiences in 2017 were deeply divided about Rian Johnson’s story, the new…

A Gaming Life: Pt. 2

Ten Games to Look For in December 2019

THE LAST SHOT OF THE DECADE Somehow, the stars have aligned to make this December more interesting than usual. As the next year, next decade, and next console cycle all loom in the near distance, developers seem to be…

A Gaming Life: Pt. 2

Review – Death Stranding (PS4)

ALT. APOCALYPSE Minor spoilers ahead. After making a few successful deliveries, I think I understand the rhythms of Death Stranding. Delivering cargo by foot is thankless work, but it makes the people in this world happy, and fills me…

Movie-Go-Round, Podcasts

92: Moonwalkers

On this Movie-Go-Round, we got the mixed bag that David, Brett, and Nicole have come to expect from the whims of Netflix Roulette. Moonwalkers plays with the idea: What if the U.S. hired Kubrick to fake the moon landing,…

A Gaming Life: Pt. 2

What Am I Playing Besides Death Stranding?

True to my word, I’ve stepped my up efforts to play more games before the end of the year. Some are for review, some are for fun, but I thought it’d be interesting to give some quick takes on…

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