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A Gaming Life: Pt. 2

[Repost] Hawk reviews: Nier (PS3)

Back in high school, I wrote game news and reviews for the Game Informer Online Community Blogs. One of these reviews, originally published June 11, 2011, was for the game Nier, which I awarded a 7.5. In the years…

A Gaming Life: Pt. 2

My Top 25 Games of All Time: Part Four (10-6)

If you’re reading this article when it was first published, then you’re probably aware there’s been a bit of a delay between the last installment of my Top 25 Games of All Time, and this one. Apologies – there…

A Gaming Life: Pt. 2

Review – Life is Strange 2 Episode 4: Faith (PS4)

DON’T SLEEP ON THIS I know for a fact that a number of people reading this are waiting to jump in once Life is Strange 2 is complete. With that in mind, it’d be cruel to go all-in on…

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76: Eighth Grade

In this Movie-Go-Round New to Two, young actress Elsie Fisher brings a vivid realism to her portrayal of Kayla Day, a 13-year-old girl who is just trying to make it through the last week of eighth grade. As she struggles…

A Gaming Life: Pt. 2

Ten Games to Look For in September 2019

GROUNDHOG DAY IN SEPTEMBER Recently, I was talking with a friend when she brought up how she associates certain music albums with seasons of the year. Right away, I knew what she meant because this is something I do…

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